Molecular Analysis Facilty Tool

Ultrafast transient absorption and photoluminescence spectroscopy

Make/Model: Coherent Libra, Ultrafast Helios/EOS
Location: MolES G21
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The excitation source for both Transient absorption and photoluminescence experiments is the Coherent Libra amplified Ti:Sapphire laser, which generates 50 fs pulses of 800 nm light at 1 kHz. Using one of two Optical Parametric Amplifiers (OPAs), this light can be converted to any wavelength between 350 nm and 2600 nm, while retaining a pulse-width of less than 100 fs. Transient absorption experiments are performed using the Helios and EOS units from Ultrafast Systems, while time resolved photoluminescence experiments are performed using a streak camera from Hamamatsu.