About the Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute

The Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute (MolES) was founded in 2011 to bring together faculty teams from across the University of Washington campus. MolES catalyzes cross-cutting, translational research in the areas of Biotech and Clean Tech by serving as an intellectual accelerator and physical incubator. Through the Institute, researchers from different disciplines have opportunities to come together in a shared space, interact, exchange ideas and form collaborations resulting in new ideas to address complex societal challenges. More about our research ›

The Institute resides in the Molecular Engineering and Sciences Building on the UW campus. Designed to promote collaborative molecular-scale research, the MolES building houses numerous faculty research groups as well as the Molecular Analysis Facility (MAF), a state-of-the-art facility with extensive microscopy, spectroscopy, and surface science capabilities. The MAF’s characterization tools enable researchers to probe the properties of the molecular assemblies they have engineered. More about the Molecular Analysis Facility ›

In 2014, the Institute drew on the expertise of multiple departments in the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Engineering to launch one of the first molecular engineering (MolE) PhD programs in the country. Trainees engage in cutting-edge research, learn from renowned faculty and enjoy the flexibility to structure their degree around interests in biotech or clean tech. Upon completion, MolE PhDs are prepared for careers in the many different areas that rely on molecular engineering principles including energy, manufacturing, drug development and more. PhD program details ›