Program Leadership

The MolE Ph.D. program is run by our Director of Education Alshakim Nelson and Graduate Program Advisor Doug Ballard and overseen by an interdisciplinary committee known as the Graduate School Interdisciplinary Committee (GSIC). This committee is comprised of faculty from a variety of departments across the College of Engineering and College of Arts & Sciences and is responsible for guiding the MolE Ph.D. program and making admissions decisions.

DepartmentGSIC Member
BioengineeringYing Zheng, Associate Professor
Chemical EngineeringCole DeForest, Associate Professor
Chemical EngineeringVincent Holmberg, Assistant Professor
Civil & Environmental EngineeringJessica Ray, Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering / CSGeorg Seelig, Associate Professor
Mechanical EngineeringAyokunle Olanrewaju, Assistant Professor
Mechanical EngineeringIgor Novosselov, Associate Research Professor