As a nonprofit business unit within the University of Washington, the Molecular Analysis Facility charges for time and materials on a cost recovery basis. Our rates include estimated service expenses and all external rates include overhead. Instrument usage is billed in 0.1 hour increments. Users are responsible for reviewing their monthly billing invoices through CORAL, our reservation and billing system.

 Per-hour tool and staff assistance rates can be found in the table below:

Rate Group:SEM, FIB, XRDSmall ToolsTEMEVOS and probe toolsXPSSIMSSPRStaff Time
Internal UW$50$30$70$20$44$90$40$96
Outside academic$58$35$81$24$51$100$45$111

*Rates for other tools, including all surface analysis tools, are not included in this list. Please contact us for a quote.

Policies and User Agreements