Molecular Analysis Facilty Tool

TEM – FEI Technai F20

Make/Model: FEI Tecnai
Location: NanoES G67C
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The Tecnai G2 F20 Supertwin TEM is a highly advanced, state-of-the-art 200 kV transmission electron microscope (with STEM capabilities) with an unrivaled task-oriented user interface. Running under Windows XP operating system, it offers high performance with versatility and high productivity with ease of use. With 0.24 nm point to point resolution, the TEM allows for imaging of a variety of samples from atoms to large features such as biological cells.

– STEM with HAADF detector
– Large window high sensitivity Elite T EDAX EDS and low background DT holder
– SAD diffraction and low background DT holder
– Tomography with low profile ST tomo holder
– Gatan Ultrascan CCD camera for TEM and diffraction imaging
– Hummingbird Liquid Cell in-situ TEM holder for imaging liquids in flow or static mode (also heat and mixing capabilities).
– Gatan 626 ST in-situ cryo TEM holder (FEI Vitrobot available for prep of samples)