Molecular Analysis Facilty Tool

Ion Mill – Fischione 1020

Make/Model: Fischione 1050
Location: MolES G44M
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Ion milling is used to thin semiconductors, ceramics, and metals to electron transparency for TEM studies. Two argon ion sources are adjustable from 6kV down to 100eV to accomplish rapid sputtering of material followed by a gentle final polish. Milling can be one- or two-sided and incident angles are continuously adjustable from 0 to 10°. Low-angle milling thins a large area (~600um diameter) and minimizes preferential thinning in samples of varying hardness. It is further equipped with a liquid N2 cooled stage that minimizes artifacts from thermal damage and thermal termination to interrupt milling if the stage temperature exceeds a user defined threshold. The stereo microscope allows enhanced viewing of back-lit samples to visualize the perforation early, or the system can detect the event automatically with laser termination for unattended use. Optional rocking stage motion can be used to prepare TEM cross sections (XTEM).