Molecular Analysis Facilty Tool

Confocal Light Microscope – Zeiss LSM 510

Make/Model: Zeiss LSM 510NLO
Location: MolES G42B
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Laser scanning confocal microscopy has the ability to optically section whole specimens of cells and small organisms, such as developing embryos, or very thick sections from bone, brain, and other organ tissues that have been tagged with fluorescent or reflective probes.

Zeiss LSM 510 system is equipped either with the inverted Axiovert 200 motorized microscope. The system can measure the distribution of various fluorescently-tagged proteins using simultaneous multi-color imaging. Provided a well-defined, tunable photo-bleaching capability, LSM 510 can perform experiments such as fluorescent recovery after photo-bleaching (FRAP) and fluorescent loss in photo-bleaching. These fluorescent techniques are extremely powerful in study protein trafficking in and out of various subcellular compartments. Additionally, LSM 510 can perform Fluorescent Resonant Energy Transfer (FRET) experiment to study dynamic protein-protein interaction in live cells.

The LSM 510 has the capacity to integrate with Veeco Bioscope for in situ AFM and confocal measurement.