Molecular Analysis Facilty Tool

AFM – Cypher

Make/Model: Cypher
Location: MolES G44G
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The Cypher AFM is a high-resolution instrument for imaging in inert atmosphere and liquids. This AFM is equipped with a wide range of environmental controls including controlled gas or liquid, as well as temperatures from 0-250 °C. This AFM is also capable of a new drive technique, called "blue drive". Asylum Research's blueDrive Photothermal Excitation option for atomic force microscopes (AFMs) makes tapping mode techniques simpler, more stable, and more quantitative. Though the typical piezo drive is favored for design simplicity, the response of the cantilever is often far from ideal. Asylum's blueDrive excitation mechanism produces an almost perfect response by directly exciting the cantilever photothermally. This provides significant performance and ease of use benefits for all tapping mode techniques.