Scientists design protein filaments that snap themselves together like Lego blocks

Hao Shen, a molecular engineering PhD candidate in the lab of biochemistry Professor David Baker, was a lead author of a study published in Science describing the creation of self-assembling protein filaments from scratch. The filaments were built from identical protein subunits that snap together spontaneously to form long, helical, thread-like structures which could be used to create new materials for a range of applications, from diagnostics to nano-electronics. Learn more in a related Geekwire story!

Navigating interdisciplinary research as a MolE PhD student

Ty Jorgenson in the lab pipetting
At the intersection of genetic engineering and nanoscience, second-year MolE PhD candidate Tyler (Ty) Jorgenson is developing a set of design rules for devices that join biology with solid-state materials. His research focuses on the self-assembly of solid-binding peptides and their interfaces with single-layer atomic (2D) materials, which he says is particularly promising for bioelectronic devices.

Nanotech/Molecular Engineering Students Win Biz Plan Competition

Congratulations to Charlie Corredor and Renuka Ramanathan for their success in the 2015 UW Business Plan Competition. Each was a member of a team that won a seed money for their start-up businesses. Both Charlie and Renuka are Ph.D. candidates in the dual title degree in Nanotechnology & Molecular Engineering offer through the MolES Institute.

Think Small for Big Impact: Molecular Engineering Ph.D.

Ph.D. Program in Molecular Engineering Offers
Collaborative Environment Designed For Impact

The University of Washington introduced a new graduate program in an emerging field of molecular science.  Starting in fall of 2014, pioneering students began a path of study that nurtures and develops their professional identities as versatile thinkers in Molecular Engineering, while they earning a doctorate degree from one of the first programs of its kind in the United States.

The program, which is house in the UW Graduate School, was developed by the UW Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute, one of the nation's premier centers for the study of molecular engineering and nanotechnology. Read More

Overney named associate director of education for new Institute of Molecular Engineering

Professor of Chemical Engineering René Overney has been named the Associate Director for Molecular Engineering (MolE) Education for the new Molecular Engineering Institute. Integral in bringing MolE to the University, Overney took the lead in developing the Chemical Engineering Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering Option, a multidisciplinary undergraduate program with MolE-tailored lecture and laboratory courses.

As the first department on campus to offer a MolE Option program, Chemical Engineering is poised to take the lead in MolE's educational efforts, said Overney. "Chemical Engineering is taking the leadership in coordinating and administrating the MolE Option program, and is also highly instrumental in this regard in the initiation phase of a MolE graduate program." Read More