Overney named associate director of education for new Institute of Molecular Engineering

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Professor of Chemical Engineering René Overney has been named the Associate Director for Molecular Engineering (MolE) Education for the new Molecular Engineering Institute. Integral in bringing MolE to the University, Overney took the lead in developing the Chemical Engineering Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering Option, a multidisciplinary undergraduate program with MolE-tailored lecture and laboratory courses.

As the first department on campus to offer a MolE Option program, Chemical Engineering is poised to take the lead in MolE's educational efforts, said Overney. "Chemical Engineering is taking the leadership in coordinating and administrating the MolE Option program, and is also highly instrumental in this regard in the initiation phase of a MolE graduate program."

Drawing on the expertise of multiple departments from several UW colleges, the MolE program will provide students with knowledge of the fundamental aspects of engineering on the molecular level through core course and top-notch research opportunities.

Overney's envisions the MolE education program to stimulate educational developments and advance the molecular research conducted on campus. "With the MolE education programs, it is intended to provide our students a well-rounded educational experience in contemporary and promising future engineering, balancing breadth and depth of learning, and empowering them for subsequent workforce or educational advancement," he said.

The Molecular Engineering Institute will be housed in the Molecular Engineering Building, with a projected occupancy date of 2012. Faculty members in the departments of materials science, chemistry, chemical engineering and bioengineering will contribute to the program.

Originally published by the UW Department of Chemical Engineering