MolES Institute Staff

Building Coordinator

Christopher Adams

Building Coordinator | 206-616-6627

Facility management, building renovation/modification projects, environmental health and safety, and building security and operations in the Molecular Engineering & Sciences Building

Public Information Specialist

Renee Gastineau

Public Information Specialist | 206-685-6833

Communications, public information, social media community manager, media requests and events

Assistant Director of Operations

Jill Aronson Pfaendtner

Assistant Director of Operations | 206-543-5964

Management and oversight of institute operations, coordination of new programs and initiatives, faculty and staff hiring, space management, strategic planning

Counseling Services Coordinator

Paul Neubert

Counseling Services Coordinator | 206-221-6542

Advising for MolES graduate and undergraduate programs, including the standalone MolE PhD degree, the Dual Title PhD Degree in Nanotechnology (NT) / Nanotechnology & Molecular Engineering (NTME), and the NME Undergraduate Option Program.

Adam Swarm

Fiscal Specialist | 206-685-4619

Purchasing, reconciliation, gift processing, travel reimbursement, and reporting