MolES Informer: A Season of Change

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In this edition

– MolES welcomes Mechanical Engineering Professor Corie Cobb, who came to the UW from Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Inc., to pursue novel manufacturing and design methods for energy devices and materials.

-The Molecular Analysis Facility announces, in partnership with the UW School of Pharmacy, the integration of the Analytical Biopharmacy Core. The added biophysical instrumentation and expert staff will allow users to characterize interactions of biotherapeutic molecules and their receptors, metabolites, delivery vehicles, or any relevant biological components.

-MolE Ph.D. student Grant Williamson has taken a role as a liaison between the Washington State Legislature and the UW to help Washington state make more informed decisions about clean energy.

-Giles Eperon, a member of Chemistry Professor David Ginger's laboratory, has been recognized on Forbes's 30-under-30 in Energy list for his work on solar cells, joining a distinguished group of high-profile inventors and entrepreneurs.

-Opening of the Washington Clean Energy Testbeds, operated by our partners in the Clean Energy Institute.