Molecular Engineering @ UW: PhD Program Overview & Admissions Process

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The Molecular Engineering Ph.D. (MolE) Program at the University of Washington is hosting a virtual information session featuring students, faculty and staff on October 12th, 2021 at 4-5PM PST

Students with bachelor's degrees in either engineering or the natural sciences – who are interested in developing innovative molecular"based solutions to pressing grand challenges in a highly interdisciplinary environment – are encouraged to attend. Participants will learn about how the MolE program differs from traditional departmental graduate programs, the MolE program's two focus areas (BioTech and CleanTech), and the ways in which faculty and students are engineering new materials, systems and processes from the molecular-level up.

To begin, MolES Education Director Alshakim Nelson will provide a brief overview of the program and then moderate a Q&A with a faculty panel. The second half of the event will feature three breakout rooms moderated by MolE students, in which participants can ask more specific questions about the BioTech or CleanTech tracks, or the admissions process.

Moderators & Panelists

James Carothers, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Ted Cohen, PhD student in Daniel Gamelin's lab in the department of Chemistry
Ellie James, PhD student in the labs of Abhi Nath and Mike Guttman in the department of Medicinal Chemistry
Cholpisit (Ice) Kiattisewee, PhD student in the labs of James Carothers and Jesse Zalatan in the departments of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
Kacper Lachowski, PhD student in Lilo Pozzo's lab in the department of Chemical Engineering
Bonnie Leeds, PhD student in the Asbury lab in the Physiology and Biophysics department
Alshakim Nelson, MolES Education Director and Associate Professor of Chemistry
Phuong Nguyen, PhD student in Elizabeth Nance's lab in the department of Chemical Engineering
Evan Pepper, PhD student in Nitin Baliga's lab at the Institute for Systems Biology
Eleftheria Roumeli, Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Marti Tooley, PhD student in the labs of Neil King and David Baker at the Institute for Protein Design
Jesse Zalatan, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Recording of the event can be viewed below: