Lara Gamble named fellow of AVS

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Lara_gambleProfessor Lara Gamble has been named a fellow of the American Vacuum Society (AVS), an international community of scientists, engineers and instrument manufacturers, which strives to promote research and communicate knowledge in the important areas of surface, interface, vacuum, and thin film science/technology for the advancement of humankind.

Gamble is Assistant Director of NESAC/BIO and an Associate Research Professor in UW Bio Engineering. Her current research involves the development of techniques for improved analysis of the biomolecule-surface interfaces (for example nanoparticles) as well as improved chemical imaging of biologically relevant samples.

Gamble was selected as fellow for her “continued development of novel biomedical surface analysis tools and methodology for advancing our understanding of diagnostic devices and biological materials" according to AVS President Ivan Petrov and AVS Award Committee Chair Peter Sheldon.

She will receive her award at the  AVS Awards Ceremony during the Symposium in San Jose, California on Wednesday, October 21, 2015.