Environmental Innovation Challenge Cleantech Prototype Funding

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About the Environmental Innovation Challenge

If you’ve got a passion for cleantech and the desire to make an impact, the UW Environmental Innovation Challenge is for you. In the EIC, interdisciplinary student teams define an environmental problem, design a solution, produce a prototype, and create a business summary that demonstrates market opportunity and the potential for impact.  We define cleantech innovation as any product, process or service that reduces waste, minimizes energy consumption, and contributes to a healthier planet. Re-use/recycling, water usage, energy generation, green consumer products, nanotechnology – all are ripe for innovation.

Prototype Funding

Student teams from Washington State schools are invited to apply for funding to build prototypes for the UW Environmental Innovation Challenge. These funds can be used to purchase materials, rent equipment, purchase safety gear, or hire short-term workers with skills beyond a team’s capacity.

We have $45K in prototype funding available for the 2014 UW Environmental Innovation Challenge! We suggest that each team request between $500 and $2,500 for prototype funding, but we will consider both smaller and larger amounts. Funding is only available to teams from schools in Washington, and is distributed from three distinct sources with varying stipulations:

  • UW Seattle Campus – Available Funds: $25,000
    The UW College of Engineering has provided $25K for teams entering the UW EIC. The entire team does not have to be made up of engineering students, but the application must be submitted by an engineering student.
  • Washington Schools – Available Funds: $5,000
    WRF Capital has provided $5K to teams who are serious about environmental innovation. Teams applying for this funding do not need to have an engineering student on them.
  • WA State – Clean Energy Institute – Available Funds: $15,000
    The Clean Energy Institute has provided $15K to fund prototype development for student teams from across the state of Washington. In order to qualify for this funding, teams must focus on tech innovation in solar energy, electrical energy storage, and/or the software or hardware for renewable integration with the grid.

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