Steven Wu

As a graduate student in the lab of Dr. Steven Henikoff at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, Steven developed high throughput methods to profile DNA-binding proteins in single-cells and identify various cellular subtypes. His work was part of a large-scale effort, known as the Human Cell Atlas, to build a comprehensive map of all the cell types in the human body to better understand human health and improve disease diagnosis and treatment. Steven joined the San Francisco based biotechnology company Freenome as a Research and Development Computational Biologist where he will be working on epigenetic modeling. Read More

Huiyun Sun

As a graduate student in the lab of Dr. John K. Lee at the Fred Hutch Research Institute, Huiyun is developing pipelines to deconvolute diverse population of cells marked by combinations of lentiviral barcodes using next-generation sequencing technologies. She is interested in using computational methods to solve biological problems. Her Master’s research focused on analyzing gene expression downstream of TP53 under different genetic contexts in malignant melanoma cells. Huiyun graduated with a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Nanjing University and a M.S. Read More