Mattias Tolhurst

Mattias is a graduate student in the Molecular Information Systems Lab (MISL), in Jeff Nivala’s group. He is interested in developing new techniques for recording the inner workings of cells. He is currently working on leveraging synthetic biology tools to develop a molecular recording device that can measure the age of important enzymes and proteins within cells. Mattias is an avid skateboarder and runner and received a B.S. in Mathematics and Biotechnology, a Bachelor of Biomedical Science in Pharmacology & Medicinal Chemistry, and a B.S. Read More

Jeff Nivala

Our group is focused on molecular technology development for a wide array of applications, from genomics and proteomics to molecular computing and digital data storage using DNA. To do this, we integrate expertise in synthetic biology, biophysics, biochemistry, computer science, and engineering.  Current areas of focus include nanopore sensing, single-molecule protein sequencing, CRISPR-Cas, wet-lab automation, machine learning for biological systems design, and cyber-bio security. Read More

Rory Majule

Rory is advised by Jeff Nivala, an assistant research professor in the Molecular Information Systems Laboratory in the Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering. He is investigating digital microfluidics as a tool for automating bacterial and cell-free synthetic biology. The result of this research will be a versatile, high-throughput, and entirely open-source platform for automating and tuning synthetic biology experiments. He holds a B.S. in Biological Science from Cornell University, where he focused on microbiology research. Read More

Nick Cardozo

As a graduate student in the Molecular Information Systems Laboratory led by Luis Ceze, Nicolas developed new methods to advance single-molecule proteomics using Nanopore sequencing technology. This research will help enable the sequencing of synthetic and native proteins/peptides in a high-throughput manner. Nick is now a scientist at Insitro, a biotech company based in San Francisco. Read More