Reagan Beers

Reagan is a graduate student in Jessica Ray’s Aquatic Innovation in Materials Science lab. Her research focuses on synthesizing and characterizing a novel nanomaterial for degradation of persistent drinking water contaminants. Reagan is a recipient of the Molecular Engineering and Sciences Institute Director’s Fellowship for 2022. She earned a B.S. in Chemistry from University of California San Diego. Read More

Jessica Ray

Jessica Ray portrait

Ray’s research bridges materials science and environmental engineering to create unique solutions to urban water supply sustainability. We design novel composite materials to: (1) selectively adsorb and/or degrade toxic, persistent contaminants, (2) remove contaminants in urban stormwater, and (3) recover value-added products from waste streams. We investigate interfacial reactions using surface chemistry techniques to better understand the structure-function relationships of our materials for their intended applications. Read More

Gregory Korshin

Dr. Korshin’s research interests include corrosion and metal release in drinking water, environmental electrochemistry, advanced oxidation processes, development of new approaches to quantify and model the degradation of pharmaceuticals and other trace-level organic contaminants in wastewater, characterization of natural organic matter and its reactions with halogens, on-line methods to monitor drinking water quality and environmental chemistry of radionuclides. He has published almost a hundred refereed publications, many of them in leading journals such as Water Research and Environmental Science & Technology. Read More