Clean Energy Institute announces new graduate fellowships for 2014

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The UW Clean Energy Institute (CEI) announces two new graduate fellowship opportunities. The mission of the CEI Fellowship program is to catalyze clean energy research that is related to solar energy conversion (Sun-to-Electricity and Sun-to-Chemicals), electrical energy storage (Electricity-to-Chemicals/Materials/Other), and electrical systems and the grid (Electricity Distribution).

Some specific goals of the program are to:

1. Seed new exploratory research activity that addresses the core CEI mission areas
2. Attract the best new graduate students to work at UW on projects in core CEI mission areas
3. Create a cohort of interdisciplinary students that catalyze collaborations across UW, as well as engage the broader community of WA state

Fellowship Opportunities

Receive funding to explore a new research idea or work with a new collaborator on a project related to solar energy conversion, electrical energy storage, or electricity distribution.

CEI Exploratory Fellowships

This program will provide 6 months stipend support and designation as a CEI Graduate Fellow for graduate students to work with their current advisor to explore a new and potentially high impact project in one of CEI's core focus areas.

CEI Recruiting Fellowship

This program will provide 6 months of stipend support and the designation as a CEI Graduate Fellow to attract the highest quality graduate students into CEI focused projects in one of CEI's core focus areas.


To learn more about the fellowships being offered, visit the CEI web site.