News & Events
  • MolES Interdisciplinary Team Programs Yeast Cells to Say ‘Hello’ !

    A team of University of Washington researchers has engineered yeast cells that can “talk” to one another, using a versatile plant hormone called auxin.

  • Lara Gamble Named Fellow of AVS

    Professor Lara Gamble has been named a fellow of the American Vacuum Society (AVS).

  • Nanotech/Molecular Engineering Students Win Biz Plan Competition

    Congratulations to Charlie Corredor and Renuka Ramanathan for their success in the 2015 UW Business Plan Competition. Each was a member of a team that won a seed money for their start-up businesses. Both Charlie and Renuka are Ph.D. candidates in the dual title degree in Nanotechnology & Molecular Engineering offer through the MolES Institute.

  • Underground NanoES utility work to begin this week

    After running into some unmarked mystery pipes underground, we are beginning to make forward progress. Utility work on the NE corner of the site by the Gerberding Parking Lot C9 is ongoing as well as trenching on Stevens Way for the new Steam line that runs between Molecular Engineering and Architecture Hall. Items to note:… Read More…

  • VIDEO: MolES Featured at MRS Spring Meeting

    Faculty and student research at the Molecular Engineering and Sciences Institute was featured at a video broadcast on-site at the Material Research Society Spring Meeting and Exhibit April 6- 10. Learn about our interdisciplinary approach to research and education.