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  • SustainableUW Festival Features MolES Labs, Building

    The Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute (MolES) and Clean Energy Institute (CEI) have been selected as the Husky Highlight for the  2015 SustainableUW Festival. Researchers at MolES explore how custom engineered molecules can lead to breakthroughs in solar energy, health & medicine and drug delivery.  Members of MolES and CEI labs will talk about their… Read More…

  • MolES Research: Light-based chemistry to manipulate stem cells

    Professor Cole DeForest is researching new ways to coerce stem cells into transforming into other cell types. Ultimately, his research could make huge impacts in medicine by engineering organs and tissues to combat heart disease.  DeForest is an assistant professor of chemical engineering and a member of the Molecular Engineering & Sciences institute faculty. Read more at… Read More…

  • UW Nanofab, molecular analysis labs win $4.5 million NSF grant

    The University of Washington and Oregon State University have won a $4.5 million, five-year grant from the National Science Foundation to advance nanoscale science, engineering and technology research in the Pacific Northwest and support a new network of user sites across the country. The regional partnership was selected as one of 16 sites for a… Read More…

  • Washington Nanofabrication Facility to receive $37M to Expand

    The Washington Nanofabrication Facility is home to more than 140 scientists and engineers every month and is used by researchers and businesses. It is the closest and most affordable facility for startups in the region that need access to the expensive machines to build products

  • Registration Open for 2015 NESAC/BIO Workshop

    This 2.5 day workshop includes lectures and surface analysis demonstrations. Demonstrations on NESAC/BIO instruments will provide application examples for the material covered in the workshop lectures. Attendees will learn the capabilities of biomedical surface analysis methods and how to intelligently review data received from surface analysis laboratories.