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Molecular Engineering & Sciences Seminar Series

This weekly seminar brings together students, faculty and invited guests from various disciplines across campus to explore current trends in molecular engineering and nanotechnology. It is a forum for active interdisciplinary discussions. These talks are open to the public and attract a diverse audience of students and faculty.

The Winter 2019 MolES Seminar Series takes place on Tuesdays from 1:00-2:00 PM in Nano Engineering and Sciences (NANOES) 181.

January 15
Bret Ulery
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering (University of Missouri)

January 22
Jim Heath
President & Professor (Institute for Systems Biology)

January 29 
Caroline Ajo-Franklin
Staff Scientist, Molecular Foundry (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

February 5 
Todd McDevitt
Senior Investigator (Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease)

February 12 
Manish Kumar
Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering (Penn State)

February 19 
Anna Cereseto
Principal Investigator, Center for Integrative Biology (University of Trento)

February 26 
Brad Pentelute
Associate Professor, Chemistry (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

March 5 
Ryan Richards
Professor, Chemistry (Colorado School of Mines)

March 12 
Joe Baio
Assistant Professor, Bioengineering (Oregon State University)