TFS Apreo-S with Lovac Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

The recently acquired Apreo is a versatile, high-performance SEM capable of 1-nanometer resolution on a wide variety of materials. Both secondary electron and back-scatter information are easily accessible and can be collected simultaneously. The Apreo is equipped with a full suite of charge-mitigation strategies, allowing for clean image acquisition of samples without conductive coatings. Morphological and compositional contrast are always available regardless of the material or imaging mode.

Start with excellent low kV performance, apply charge filtering, or change to low-vacuum charge neutralization for the most challenging applications. The best results are realized with careful sample preparation, but the Apreo is remarkably forgiving on real-world samples. Use the Apreo to visualize the surface texture of materials, measure nanoparticles, and explore the grain structure of virtually any vacuum-compatible material with minimal preparation.

Key Features

  • Retractable sTEM detector capable of 0.6nm resolution and 6-grid row-bar holder for TEM sample screening.
  • Directional-backscatter (DBS) and signal-mixing to probe the relationship between sample topography and microstructure.
  • MAPS 3 software automates the acquisition of large sample areas at high resolution for image analysis and correlative work.

Gold nanoparticles on glass

3D printed protein truss

Negatively stained synthetic protein