Environmental Health & Safety

Policy documents

MolES Health and Safety Plan
 updated June 2014

MolES Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEOP) updated July 2015

Waste disposal

MolES waste disposal procedures


MolES has two autoclaves available for use by building occupants.

The third floor autoclave is smaller and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is NOT approved for sterilization of biohazardous waste.

The fourth floor autoclave is larger and may be used for biohazardous waste sterilization. Time on the 4th floor autoclave should be scheduled in advance through the MolES Autoclave Calendar.

NEITHER AUTOCLAVE SHOULD BE USED WITHOUT COMPLETING AUTOCLAVE TRAINING. Please contact MolES@uw.edu if you need to schedule a training session.

MolES Building

A sustainable approach

The Molecular Engineering & Sciences Building is LEED gold certified and features a natural ventilation system in its offices.

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