NME Program Administration

NME Core Course Administration

Currently the following NME core courses are administrated by ChemE: NME 220/221/321 and 421. ChemE’s responsibilities are room/scheduling of these courses through the UW Office of Registrar, and to provide the instructor for NME 220. It is the responsibility of NME-CC to run the seminar series (NME 221/321/421)

NME Curriculum Committee

The NME Option Network is managed by the NME Curriculum Committee (NME-CC), with members from all participating departments. Committee meetings are called by the NME administrative department (Chemical Engineering). NME-CC responsibilities entail revisions of existing NME departmental curricula, approval of new departmental curricula, and modifications to the NME core program administered by the Department of Chemical Engineering (ChemE). Furthermore, NME-CC has to elect (yearly) from its members a coordinator for the seminar series (NME 221/321/421).