Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering Student Association

General Membership

General Membership is available to anyone outside the University of Washington community. General members are on the NaMESA email list and will receive notifications of NaMESA events. If you are interested in becoming a general member, send an email to

  • Interact with like-minded students at University of Washington
  • Participate in formally organized outreach activities and workshops

Active Membership

Active Membership is open to anyone at the University of Washington. Active members can efficiently learn from each other and from invited guests. They are provided with an opportunity to build an impressive formal track record of activities, contributions, and skills (potentially eligible for elective credits) to boost their academic performance and post-graduate career. They can also take an active role in event planning.

  • Gain experience in event planning, leadership and teamwork activities
  • Interact with students from diverse research backgrounds (including nanotechnology inclined students from Business, Law and Arts)
  • Network with invited guests and NaMESA’s contacts
  • Participate in NaMESA funded field trips to local companies and other formally organized outreach activities and workshops

Join as an active member.


  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President
  • Event Manager

Officers are responsible for the working of NaMESA and achieving its mission of providing a platform for members to understand the interdisciplinary nature and wide scope of “Nanotechnology” and facilitate efficient development of skills during professional studies, job search and post-academic career.

  • Gain leadership and managerial experience
  • Network with the academic community and industry
  • Interact with general and active members of NaMESA

Elections are held annually.

Board Members

Board members provide input and guidance to the officers on programming, industry relations, and academic programs.

  • President Emeritus/a
  • Non-SAO Advisor