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Targeted Drug Delivery

UW researchers are designing way to deliver drugs to specific parts of our bodies. See the research of MolES faculty members Suzie Pun and David Baker come to life in the UW360 segment on Targeted Drug Delivery, airing on UWTV in November 2012.

Learn more: Baker Laboratory | Pun Laboratory

The Rise of Molecular Engineering & Science

Imagine giving doctors the tools to pinpoint the exact location of disease molecules inside your cells. Imagine curing disease by sending safe biologic agents on a direct attack against these targets. Imagine capturing solar energy within the panes of window glass and using it to generate the power to meet the needs of the building’s occupants. The power to do so is coming through the work of University of Washington molecular engineers and scientists.

Engineering New Solar Technologies

The sun is an almost limitless source of clean energy — if only we could capture that energy effectively. Though solar cells have been around for over 50 years, so far no one has been able to make them cheaply enough and efficient enough for truly widespread use. But by starting small, using either nanocrystals or organic polymers, Hugh Hillhouse and Christine Luscombe hope to make solar cell manufacturing simpler and more reliable while adhering to green manufacturing methods.

Molecular Systems for Healing

Imagine delivering cancer drugs directly to tumor cells, without harming the healthy cells that surround them. Or even pinpointing cancer cells before they form tumors at all. Patrick Stayton and Suzie Pun describe how molecular engineers are devising ways to deliver drugs to cells more precisely, and visualize the human body in minute detail. Their work offers hope far beyond cancer diagnosis and treatment: the methods they are pioneering may also lead to breakthroughs in diseases that are largely untreatable today.

Time Lapse of the Molecular Engineering & Sciences Building

Watch the rise of the Molecular Engineering & Sciences Building from the ground up.