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  • 4th Annual Innovations in Imaging for the Life Sciences Symposium

    Organized by the University of Washington and ThermoFisher Scientific
    NanoEngineering & Sciences Building
    August 15, 2019

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    9:00am – 12:00pm Morning Session Room, NanoES 181

    • Probing synaptic circuits for visual computations with serial EM reconstruction – David Berson, Brown University
    • Diversity of somatic and nucleus morphologies is mouse visual cortex – Forrest Collman, Allen Institute for Brain Science
    • AI driven tools for EM image analysis – Quyen Tran, DRVision Technologies LLC
    • The developing human foveal midget connectome: from a diffusely wired network to private-lines – Chi Zhang, University of Washington
    • Mining mitochondria from small sets of large volume 3D EM images – Grahame Kidd, Renovo
    • Neural Capturing the Sequential Steps of Dynamin-mediated Fission by Cryo-EM – Jenny Hinshaw, National Institutes of Health

    12:00pm – 1:30pm Lunch and Poster Session, NanoES Lobby

    1:30pm – 5:00pm Afternoon Session, NanoES 181

    • Molecular Mechanisms of TRPV Channels Gating Revealed by Cryo-EM – Vera Moiseenkova-Bell, University of Pennsylvania
    • New developments in cryoSPARC for single particle image analysis – Ali Punjani, Structura Biotechnology
    • Visualizing bacteriophage T7 infection initiation at high resolution – Jun Liu, Yale University
    • Cryo-EM structure of Nipah virus fusion glycoprotein in complex with a monoclonal antibody reveals mechanism of neutralization – Ha Dang, University of Washington
    • Using cryo-electron tomography to study host-pathogen interactions –Liz Wright, University of Wisconsin-MadisonCryoEM analysis of the Type III secretion Injectisome of pathogenic bacteria – Natalie Strynadka, University of British Columbia
    • Using cryo-EM to study molecular machines involved in bacterial pathogenesis – Melanie Ohi, University of Michigan

    5:00pm Reception and Poster Session, NanoES Lobby