Focus Areas

MolE PhD students work on a wide variety of projects within the areas of BioTech and CleanTech. The following are (just a few) possible research topics that MolE students may pursue. Learn more about the specific projects ourĀ current studentsĀ are working on.


  • Material and device functionality guided molecular synthesis
  • Molecular structure and solid condensed phase assembly
  • Structure effects on electronic and photonic material properties
  • Optoelectronic properties such as light absorption, fluorescence, and phosphorescence
  • Charge transport mechanisms in organic materials
  • Nanowire based electrodes
  • Organic light emitting diodes, field-effect transistors, and organic photovoltaic devices
  • Electro-optical properties of organic systems
  • Electrochemical Cells
  • Nanocrystals for laser refrigeration
  • Energy Storage
  • Next generation battery tech


  • Synthetic biosystem engineering on the molecular scale
  • Nanoparticle Vaccines
  • Design of bio-molecular building blocks
  • Quantum-dot based tracking
  • Dynamic regulation of metabolic pathways in bacteria
  • Computational Design and Cellular Characterization of RNA Switches
  • Artificial biochemical reaction networks and devices
  • Single molecule nanopore sequencing
  • Biomolecular engineering involving DNA and proteins
  • Gene regulation and signaling
  • Protein self assembly structures such as nano cages, wires, and surfaces
  • Chemical kinetics/stochastic processes
  • Hierarchical Systems
  • Zwitterionic polymers
  • Metabolic Functionalities