Access & Rates

The MAF’s resources are available to all qualified users affiliated with the University of Washington, other educational institutions, and private industry. Most users of the facility are trained by experienced staff to perform their own experiments, but if you need an especially sensitive instrument or only have several samples, it may be more efficient to have the staff run the experiment for you. We recommend contacting a staff member before starting the registration process.


There are three steps to get access to the facility: Registration, Orientation, and Training.

Registration: Prospective researchers and their PIs/administrators first need to register with us through the “New User Registration” link at left. The registration wizard will ask for your role in the project, contact & billing information, and a brief description of the project to help our staff provide the best assistance possible. Once you finish the registration, an account will be created for you in Coral, our reservation and billing system.

Orientation:In addition to UW safety training, all hands-on researchers working in our laboratory are required to complete a free 30-minute new user orientation before instrument-specific training can begin. You will find the schedule of New User Orientations on the MAF Coral page under Lab > Courses. Login to Coral, choose a session, and attend – no RSVP needed. Contact a staff member if it is difficult for you to make the scheduled orientations. Safety training and orientation are not required for remote/staff-assisted users.

Request Training or Instrument Time: After you have completed registration and orientation, contact the staff member in charge of the instrument you would like to use to set up either a training session (hands-on users) or a time to run your samples (remote/staff assisted users).

If you are unsure whether instrument training is the best option, or would like help choosing the best instrument for your needs, we invite you to contact our staff directly for consultation. In addition to training, we offer sample preparation and characterization services for clients who for a variety of reasons elect not to learn instrument operation.


Per-hour tool and staff assistance rates can be found in the table below.  The rates take into account the estimated service expenses. All external rates include overhead. Instrument usage is billed in 0.1 hour increments. Users are responsible for reviewing their monthly billing invoices.

Rate Group:

Confocal, Ellipsometry, GDOES, Microtome, XANES, Profilometer, Raman, TA/TRPL



Other Tools *

Staff Assist

Internal users




contact for rate


Other academic users




contact for rate


Other external users




contact for rate


* Rates for other tools, including all surface analysis tools, are not included in this list. Please contact the MAF for a quote.

Policies & User Agreements

When publishing work involving experiments conducted at the MAF, please include the following text in the acknowledgements: “Part of this work was conducted at the Molecular Analysis Facility, a National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI) site at the University of Washington, which is supported in part by funds from the National Science Foundation (awards NNCI-2025489, NNCI-1542101), the Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute, and the Clean Energy Institute.” updated October 2020